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You may obtain a diploma of Master of Computer Science!

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Modern specializations

We offer education at two levels: 3 and half-year professional (first-cycle studies) studies (in POLISH) and 1 and half-year supplementary master (second-cycle studies) studies (in POLISH or ENGLISH). On professional studies we offer specializations:

  • Systems and databases programming,
  • Computer Graphics,
  • Mobile computer systems.

Supplementary master studies lead the specializations:

  • Design and operation of information systems,
  • Computational Intelligence.

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Double diploma

We offers the opportunity to obtain double diploma: diploma from UPH and from Centria University of Applied Sciences, in Kokkola, Finland. Students can apply for a trip to Centria UAS in Finland and pursue a course of study qualifying for the diploma of a Finnish university. Recruitment of students willing to exchange academic and the pursuit of studies in Finland is carried out as part of the recruitment for a trip in the Erasmus + program.

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Excellent prepared staff

Institute of Computer Science has the qualified staff with wide knowledge on computer sciences field, excellent prepared for teaching student the creativeness and openness for new technologies and trends in computer sciences.

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Perfectly equipped laboratories

Our Institute owns 12 laboratories located in two buildings. Laboratories are equipped in the latest computer hardware. Computer Sciences Institute has his own computer network working on all laboratories. Access to the network is also possible by the wireless connection working in 802.11ac standard. 

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